ICT and Languages Conference 2013 (#ililc3)

Date: Saturday, 9 February, 2013 - 08:30 - Sunday, 10 February, 2013 - 16:30
Location: University of Southampton - Avenue Campus (Location Map)


Keynote Speakers
Languages South East live streamed the keynote speakers. 
To view the livestream visit : https://www.languagessoutheast.ac.uk/live  
Please note : To watch the Languages South East livestream you will require a computer that has Microsoft Silverlight installed.  To check if you meet these requirements, please visit :  http://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight  
Saturday 09.20 to 10.05 - Joe Dale   Founder member of Ililc, international  speaker and recognised expert on technology and language learning Joe has appeared in the Education Guardian, helped to update the ICT elements of the QCA SoW for KS2 Primary French, written for the TES ICT blog and CILT 14-19 website and designed games for Heinemann's new course "Expo". He also starred on a Teachers TV programme recently and spoke about the Rose Review proposals on BBC Radio 4. His blog has been nominated for two Edublog Awards in the last two years.
Sunday 09.00 to 09.45– Isabelle Jones   Head of Modern Languages at The Radclyffe School, Oldham, Isabelle is a French & Spanish specialist with experience of primary language learning as well. She is an Oldham SLN Lead Teacher and was a Regional Secondary Adviser 2009-10 for the Association for Language Learning as well as being a member of ALL's executive council.  Isabelle regularly blogs to share her fabulous teaching and learning ideas, and speaks at conferences across the UK and always delivers thought provoking and creative practice for the MFL classroom.


Please note that we reserve the right to retain the registration fee if you do not notify us by Friday 1st February 2013 that you are unable to attend.

Friday 1 February - This event is now fully booked and we are unable to take any further registrations



This year's programme offered a wide range of sessions with the emphasis very much on ‘hands-on’ workshops.   Delegates could choose their workshops and sessions to meet their individual needs, and had lots of opportunity to really get to grips with the new ideas being demonstrated - and share good practice in a nurturing environment.  
This event is renowned for its friendly and supportive atmosphere, and everyone found a full range of workshops and seminars to suit their needs.  Whilst many sessions had an ICT focus, there were plenty of other sessions which served to exemplify many aspects of creative and inspiring MFL teaching and learning.
Read about our speakers here.
Speakers Presentations
00   Joe Dale - Key note speech
01   Lisa Stevens - I want to break free
02   Helena Butterfield- Using google apps
03   Dominic McGladdery - Tips for Ideas
04   Samantha Lunn - Enhancing Target Language
05   Kleda Richards - AFL in a digital landscape
06   Bertram Richter - A tweet day
07   Vanessa Burns - Web 2-0 What
07   Vanessa Burns - Web 2-0 What - useful links
07   Vanessa Burns - What is your website miss?
08   Isabelle Jones - Maximising  the use of visuals
08   Isabelle Jones - Dare to Share
09 & 35 Clare Seccombe - It all adds up to MFL
10  John Bald - Brain research
11  Amanda Salt - Triptico tips
12  Emma Bains - First steps to showcasing
13 James Gardner - Subtitle yourself
14 & 36 Joe Dale - Using QR codes
15 & 28 Jo Rhys-Jones - Maintaining momentum
16  John Connor - CPD to JPD
17  Bertram Richter - Can we put that on the blog
18  Helen Myers & Simon Tunmore - Putting fun into
19  Jen Turner - Designing your own app
20  John Connor - SEN & MFL
21  Emma Bains - Small changes
22  Helena Butterfield - Motiviating through international
23  Lisa Stevens - Let out for good
24  Jen Turner - Release your inner Prezi
25  John Bald - Clicker as a bridge
26  Amanda Salt - Jailbreaking
27  Clare Seccombe - Shape up with Tarsia
29  Helen Myers - Putting fun into
30  Samantha Lunn - Top Techie tools
31  Dominic McGladdery - From squalk to talk
32  Vanessa Burns - What, is this your website miss
33  James Gardner - Edmodo
34  Kelda Richards - Animation techniques
Blogs and Tweets
Jen Turner's blog can be found here:  http://msmfl.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/so-excited-ililc3/
Sanako's on line newspaper: paper.li/Marie_Sanako/1352457862
Lisa Stevens': lisibo.com/?p=2607
Isabelle Jones': http://www.diigo.com/bookmark/http%3A%2F%2Fisabellejones.blogspot.co.uk%2F2013%2F01%2Fict-and-languages-conference-university.html?gname=resources-for-languages    
Dominic McGladdery: domsmflpage.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/ict-and-languages-conference-2013-ililc3.html?m=1
Show and Tell
We held our fabulous Show and Tell Event on Saturday 9th February from 7.30 pm in Suite 104 at Jury’s Inn Hotel, Charlotte Place, Southampton, SO14 0TB.  Kindly hosted by our main #Ililc3 sponsor Televic, places were free but limited. Guests signed up in advance.  The idea of the MFL Show and Tell session is to give teachers an opportunity to share good practice on the use of technology in the languages classroom in a relaxed informal environment. We had access to a data projector, a screen for presentations and one to display the event's Twitterstream,  plus wifi connectivity of course. We particularly encouraged those who don't normally speak at such events to come along have a go and share what you are doing in the classroom. Your presentations didn't have to be IT related, just good teaching!  
Below are some of the presentations at the Show and Tell
Lisa Stevens - Tools for educators 
Lisa Stevens - El Polliito pio
The conference was supported by a sizeable exhibition of sponsors, including top publishers, software companies and other resource providers. 
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General Information
The conference took place at the University of Southampton Avenue Campus:  Avenue Campus Map